Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Settle For Nothing

Thank you to the Pontiac Public Library in Pontiac, Michigan for keeping in its collection a copy of Margaret Ayer Barnes' novel, Years of Grace. Ms. Barnes' novel is the thirteenth novel to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and I loved every single minute that I spent reading all 581 delicate pages of it.

#12: Laughing Boy

No wonder people loved Shirley Temple movies so much. Clearly the best literature of the 1930s was just straight up bleak. I am so ready to read a story about something happy happening to anyone. Even a happy dog would be great at this point. But alas, following in the tradition of really depressing Depression Era books, Laughing Boy steps up to the plate to send us one step closer to just saying "screw life. what's the point!?" This time, our sad and soon to be miserable character is a young man of the Navajo nation who is just starting out his life as a grown man.